Techniques and products in plastic surgery,
esthetic dermatology, diathermocoagulation and phlebology

Welcome to Korpo,
a company that patents and produces medical devices in the fields of plastic surgery, high-frequency currents, dermatology and phlebology. Our studies have given rise to techniques that improve the life of the patient and the work of the operator.

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Elastic Plastic Surgery

elasticumElastic thread mounted on a Two-tipped needle, Two-tipped cannula and 3/8 circle needles


Transfer of adipose and stromal cells


timedsurgery72 standardized program data for 72 procedures


phleboteraphyContinuous research

Training Programme

Solidly based on patients’ needs, this training process fosters your professional growth and your propensity for innovation and change. Its keynotes are conceptual clarity and attention to detail.

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