How it is done

Once anesthesia with mepivacaine and epinephrine has been carried out, the fat is aspirated through a 3 mm or 4 mm cannula. The aspirated adipose lobules are washed with lactate Ringer solution and then fragmented with the Adipopimer. A cellular suspension mainly containing single cells or clumps of cells is obtained from a lobular suspension. By inclining the beaker used for fragmentation, the operator can visually assess the granulometry of the suspension.

After fragmentation, the suspension can decant or be centrifuged for 4 minutes at 400 rpm. Centrifugation separates the stromal component, which contains the stem cells.

After centrifugation, the stromal component is redistributed in the adipose cells by means of two syringes and a connecting tube.

The suspension can be injected like a filler, even immediately below the skin. If it is to be injected under the skin of the eyelid, the suspension must not contain oil; only the cells in the lower portion of the container must therefore be used.

(video: 08. 3D Adipofilling: volumetric suspension and regenerative suspension to eliminate wrinkles and rejuvenate aged skin)

Adipofilling Tree Diagram