How it works

Imagine an impalpable surgical thread that does not cut into the tissues and which is transformed into a “natural” ligament in a few weeks.

Imagine this thread mounted on a two-tipped needle (Jano needle®) which enables you to carry out traction procedures, volume lifting and circular suturing exactly where necessary (close to the defect), without having to dissect the tissues.

Imagine that you no longer need to perform gross dissection of the face, neck and temporal region in order to lift tissue volumes; a simple elastic thread which is transformed into a ligament ensures long-lasting results.

Imagine being able to anchor the elastic thread even to the subcutaneous tissues without it cutting into them.

Imagine being able to reposition and redistribute the skin without having to remove it.

Imagine that the skin, which no longer suffers the effects of gravity, remodels and adapts itself to the underlying structure and is supported by the new ligaments.

Imagine a range of procedures that are carried out through incisions that are only a few mm long or – at most, in elastic MACS lifting – through an incision around the sideburn that does not go beyond the tragus and minimal dissection extending just slightly beyond the zygomatic arch.

Imagine being able to perform perfectly vertical ambulatory face-lifting procedures without damaging the subcutaneous tissues (on the contrary, improving the vascularisation of the skin, which is no longer subject to the drooping).

Imagine being able to perform neck lifting through a 1 cm incision behind the lobe of one ear, without dissecting the neck.

Imagine how easy it is to maintain these lifting procedures, and how the results can always be perfected in a few minutes.

Imagine being able to lift and shape the breasts through an 8mm incision.

Imagine being able to suspend the buttocks through a 5 mm incision in each buttock.

Imagine being able to carry out revision of a large scar or the excision of a large cutaneous neoformation while exerting traction at a distance from the edges of the suture; as the suture is not under tension, healing of the wound will be optimal.

Elastic Plastic Surgery is all this and much more.