TIMED solves most of your patients’ aesthetic and dermatological problems efficaciously and economically. Timedsurgery (Technique for the Implementation of Measured Electrosurgical Data) utilises over 70 standardised programme data.

Timed TD50A 2

Based on real and constant values, the programme data of the TIMED apparatus are valid in all patients. This is because, unlike light, high-frequency current has the advantage of being based on the electrical conductivity of the tissues, which is practically identical in all individuals. Another advantage of high-frequency current is that it travels over surfaces and not in a straight line like a beam of light; this means that it can exert an extremely efficacious effect on the surface without damaging the deep tissues. The electrodes also constitute an important point of contact with the patient. TIMED enables us to carry out innovative procedures that cannot be performed by means of any other physical method.
TIMED can create a slow- or rapid-pulsed, timed micro-incision that does not burn at the edges.
As it exerts negligible pressure on the tissues, it can be used to perform micro-excisions as small as 1 mm with the utmost safety. Skin incisions heal rapidly, whether they are sutured or left to heal spontaneously. Sutured mucous excisions exhibit excellent healing.
Blepharoplasty by means of rapid pulsed cutting and mixed peeling of eyelid wrinkles and crows’ feet

TIMED enables facial micro-telangiectasias to be completely eliminated, without leaving scars or achromic blemishes; bipolar coagulation of the ascending artery of a stellate angioma, coagulation of venous lakes, vaporisation of small neoformations, rapid definitive depilation, and elimination of epidermal and dermal skin hyperpigmentation can all be carried out.

Timedsurgical mixed peeling: de-epithelialisation and application of a saturated solution of resorcin for 90 sec.

Benign neoformations of the face and body can be removed by means of ectroshaving, which exploits the organism’s regenerative capacity.
The resurfacing function can be used to eliminate keratoses, to vaporise superficial benign formations and to level scars.

TheTIMED apparatus can be used to cleanse skin ulcers, to re-pigment stable vitiligo and piebaldism, to perform the transgenic treatment of epidermolysis bullosa (Nature medicine), to carry out bipolar coagulation of the turbinates and of bursae of the cheeks, to remove tattoos, and much more.

Re-pigmentation of stable vitiligo by means of timedsurgical de-epithelialisation and the application of cultivated melanocytes and keratinocytes.