Elasticum suture®

Elasticum® is an elastic suturing thread made of silicone and sheathed in polyester. It is specially designed for the suspension and traction of the tissues.

Elasticum® does not cut into the tissues and maintains its traction over time.
The polyester sheath is colonized by connective cells, making the result stable.

Elasticum® is soft, impalpable and has a similar consistency to that of the subcutaneous tissue.

Elasticum® and the Jano needle® exert traction and elastic suspension exactly where necessary.
The two tips of the Jano needle® enable the Elasticum® thread to be implanted without dissecting the tissues.

Elasticum® and the Jano needle® simplify and improve surgical procedures, making lifting possible in an ambulatory setting.

Elasticum® and the 3/8 circle needle® mounted on a traditional needle, the non-absorbable thread is used for the traction and permanent suspension of the tissues.

Elasticum® can also be used as an implant in the case of small bone or tissue loss.