The innovative procedures of the method are published in the section Elastic Plastic Surgery of the Medical Video Journal CRPUB. ORG, ISSN 1971-8152.
You can follow the procedures as if you were beside the operating table. The procedures are summarised in 3D videos. The answers to the FAQ help to extend your knowledge of the various techniques.

Training Programme

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The two-tipped needle

Invented in 1983 and published in the Italian Journal of Plastic Surgery in 1984 and in PRS in 1987, the two-tipped Jano needle® enables suspension and traction to be carried out without dissection of the tissues. The Jano needle can move forwards and backwards in the tissues and, when rotated through 180°, can travel over long pathways.


The Elastic Plastic Surgery procedures are designed to respect the anatomic structures.
In elastic Neck lifting, the Jano needle is used to implant an elastic thread between the two fasciae of Loré by passing through an area of the neck that does not contain structures of any great importance. In elastic MACS lifting, dissection is carried out above the superficial fascia, beginning at the sideburn and extending slightly beyond the zygomatic arch. In this region, too, there are few vessels and no important structures. A line running from the earlobe and passing ½ cm from the lateral extremity of the eyebrow marks the pathway of the frontal branch of the facial nerve.