Electroporo Cosmesis

An innovative technique that restores youth and beauty to the skin, Electroporo-Cosmesis is performed by means of the Timed TD50 micropulse and rotating electrodes (smooth, convex and fractionated). Its programme data are: Direct pulsed current 0.3/5.3, Coag and a power of 14 Watts, 20 Watts, 27 Watts, 38 Watts and 50 Watts.

Effects of Electroporo-Cosmesis

Reduction of the horny layer through “cleansing” of the glandular outlets.
Persistent stimulus of the more superficial dermal layers through the activation of endogenous currents and growth factors.
“Electro-poring” and increased absorption of topically applied substances.
Distribution of collagen-stimulating ions in the skin by means of electro-reduction.

Smooth rotating electrode Electroporo-Cosmesis: young skin; old blemished skin
Convex rotating electrode Electroporo-Cosmesis of the eyelid region: crows’ feet and slight bags under the eyes
Fractionated rotating electrode Electroporo-Cosmesis: melasmas, very wrinkled and slack skin, stretch marks

Electroporo-Cosmesis creates invisible micro-pores in the skin, which stimulate the production of endogenous currents. These endogenous currents, in turn, stimulate the production of growth factors (epidermal, EGF; vascular, VEGF; fibroblastic, FGF), which restore the skin’s youthful look. The vascular growth factors stimulate angiogenesis, thereby counteracting the ageing of the skin’s vascular network. Fibroblastic growth factor (FGF) stimulates the production of connective tissue, making the skin firmer and more compact.

Le microlesioni dell’Electroporo Cosmesis stimolano l’insorgenza delle correnti endogene

The micro-lesions caused by Electroporo-Cosmesis stimulate the onset of endogenous currents

The specific micro-arcs of Electroporo-Cosmesis cause the rotating electrodes to “float” while moving rapidly over the surface of the skin. The stimulating effect is long-lasting and is perceived by the patient as an increase in vascularisation and metabolism of the skin for about two weeks.
Deep “electro-poring”, which is a further effect of the treatment, enhances the absorption of substances acting on the skin surfaces treated. In addition to removing the horny layer, and thus making the skin smoother and more permeable to topically applied products, Electroporo-Cosmesis creates pores which penetrate through the epidermis and reach the superficial dermis. Deep “electro-poring”, which is produced by the micro-arcs generated by the current, disrupts the lipid cell membrane, which opens. Its application makes the skin extremely permeable to pharmaceutical drugs, nutritious substances, and peeling and de-pigmenting agents; this favours the absorption of molecules and macromolecules which, in normal conditions, are unable to penetrate the epidermal barrier.
After Electroporo-Cosmesis, it is possible to apply: ascorbic acid, acid, retinol, retinaldehyde, resveratrol, hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamins, glycolic acid, pyruvic acid, mandelic acid, trichloroacetic acid, topical anaesthetics, etc. Peeling agents applied after Electroporo-Cosmesis must be far less concentrated, as skin poring makes them more efficacious. The lesser concentration of peeling agents (e.g. 5% TCA, 10% TCA, 10% glycolic acid, ecc.) reduces the inflammatory effect, while maintaining high efficacy. Peeling agents must subsequently be washed off.

 Electroporo Cosmesis delle palpebre con resorcina

Electroporo-Cosmesis of the eyelids with resorcin

To de-pigment blemished areas of the face or body, including the hands, to lighten melasmas, and to firm up the skin and eliminate finer facial or neck wrinkles, a saturated solution of resorcin in water can be applied after Electroporo-Cosmesis. The solution is kept in contact with the skin for a few minutes. This new neutral mixed peeling solution must be washed off after a few minutes, but can be repeated, if necessary, two or three times during the same session. In this case, the procedure is simply repeated (Electroporo-Cosmesis, application of the saturated solution of resorcin in water with a brush, washing after a few minutes, drying, further Electroporo-Cosmesis, application of the saturated solution of resorcin in water with a brush, washing after a few minutes, drying, and so on). In the treatment of melasmas and blemishes, the solution is left to act for a longer time.
Electroporo-Cosmesis followed by the application of resorcin solution is also utilized in areas where there is diffuse, superficial reddening and individual capillaries cannot be picked out. The procedure can be repeated during the same treatment session. The slight frost eliminates the fine superficial micro-telangiectasias and lightens the reddened area. Another effect of the treatment is to reduce the pigmentation that is often present in erythrosis of the sides of the neck.
Electroporo-Cosmesisis with resorcin is used to eliminate deep wrinkles and roughness of the face, neck and body. To enhance its action, the resorcin is dissolved in H2O2. Treatment is carried out immediately after some Elastic Plastic Surgery procedures or liposuction of the abdomen.

In conclusion, Electroporo-Cosmesis is a simple, sophisticated technological application which meets the needs of dermatologists and aesthetic surgeons. In the cosmetic field, it is much appreciated by both young and elderly patients, as it solves their problems (skin impurity, imperfections of the horny layer, mild roughness, visible imperfections of the skin, cutaneous hypotrophy, scars, etc.). This safe and minimally invasive treatment visibly improves the appearance of the patient’s skin.