Our phlebology courses expose the beliefs and concepts of traditional phlebology to rational criticism and offer a new pathophysiological vision of the venous circulation in the lower limbs.
The new concepts have been worked out on the basis of the existing literature, 20 years of experience and a holistic view of the human body. A rational pathophysiological view facilitates the application of efficacious therapy.
In accordance with the holistic view on which the courses are based, the therapy of varicose disease must not focus on the treatment of individual varicose veins; rather, it is oriented to correcting the hemodynamic hypertension of the venous circulation in the limb. This is achieved by strengthening the vessel walls and reducing the caliber of the veins of the superficial, perforating and communicating circulation, which eliminates the incontinence of the perforating veins.
As this hemodynamic hypertension is gradually corrected, the visible veins disappear from view. The treatment suggested is three-dimensional and biological, not mechanistic.
The courses are suited to those operators who wish to move beyond the old concept of ablating and obliterating varicose veins, which are the escape valves for hemodynamic hypertension.

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