On Saturday 11th November at the Agorà in Milan, a course in Three-dimensional Regenerative Ambulatory Phlebotherapy (TRAP) was held by Prof. Sergio Capurro, the inventor of this technique. A live surgery session on the non-invasive treatment of hemorrhoids was also held by the heart surgeon Dr Lucia Raco.


Dr. Raco demonstrated the modalities of this recent painless treatment of hemorrhoids to an audience of keenly interested colleagues. This technique is able to restore the normality of this important anatomical region in only three sessions – or four, in the most severe cases – without any anesthesia. The patient does not require any preparation before treatment and, in the days after the procedure, can resume his normal life. The second session of treatment is carried out two months after the first. If necessary, a third session is undertaken; in most cases of evident hemorrhoids, this session is conclusive. Treatment involves injecting a solution into the hemorrhoids, above the pectineal line, in an area bereft of pain nerve endings. The solution injected is of the same concentration as that used in phlebotherapy to treat hemodynamic hypertension in the veins of the lower limb. The solution causes the veins of the hemorrhoidal plexus to shrink and to shorten; inflammation of the tissues is alleviated owing to the inhibition of COX 2, and the mucosa recovers its natural shape. Given the simplicity, efficacy and absence of pain both during and after treatment, further live surgery courses are to be scheduled. This innovative technique is perfectly in keeping with the demands of modern medicine: treatments that are efficacious but minimally invasive and traumatic.