AMAZING EVENT (Genoa – Monday 6 July 2020)

Tree-dimensional Regenerative Ambulatory Phlebotherapy
Experiences in comparison

in the company of:
Sergio Capurro MD (Ideatore della TRAP) • Eilam Yoram MD • Kamal Khounsarieh MD • Lucia Raco MD • Claudio Rosco MD • Luigi Astorino MD • Alessandra Sassu MD • Paola Fiori MD • Alberto Murgiano MD • Roberto Italia MD

To […]

Practical & Theoretical International Combined Course of Adipofilling® & TRAP® (Organized by Filummed)

Korpo is glad to announce you the First Practical & Theoretical International Combined Course of Adipofilling® & TRAP®
The Course is organized by Filummed (Korpo Official Russian Distributor), will be held in Pyatigorsk (Russia) and will be done by Alexey Gontsov MD, specialized in Plastic, Aesthetic and Vascular Surgery, expert of the techniques, operating collaborator for […]

(2020) Elastic Thread modified minimal access cranial suspension lift for lower and middle third facial rejuvenation

Elasticum® Thread it’s a Korpo SRL Patent

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Dr. Capurro’s techniques on the ISAPS website

Dr. Capurro’s techniques on the ISAPS website
ISAPS members can see the numerous innovative techniques of Elastic Plastic Surgery
Founded in 1970, ISAPS is the largest international society of aesthetic and plastic surgery in the world, and is twinned with the AICPE and SICPRE.
Its many members can access the video library, which contains the video publications of […]

La TRAP delle vene ancora più efficace e sicura!

La scleroterapia, le flebectomie, le safenectomie, i laser, intervengono sull’effetto della patologia varicosa e non sulla causa. Queste metodiche bidimensionali asportando, chiudendo o bruciando le vene eliminano la valvola di sfogo di un’ipertensione che, privata della valvola di sfogo, dilata altre vene e capillari (matting).

Matting prima e dopo la TRAP
La TRAP (Three-dimensional Regenerative Ambulatory Phlebotherapy) […]

Practical and Theoretical Intensive Course in Phlebotherapy (TRAP) – Genoa 22.02.2020





Varicose disease is the most common disease on earth. The traditional treatment of this disease is mechanistic and utilises aggressive operations which modify the anatomy of the circulation. The courses demonstrate the advantages, in terms of both diagnostic simplicity and results, of a holistic pathophysiological approach combined […]

Il San Valentino KORPOCARE® alla Farmacia Pedrini

Lunedì 17 febbraio vi aspettiamo alla farmacia Pedrini di Genova, su tutti i Sieri Bionici IMPERDIBILE PROMOZIONE del 20%! Il nostro Staff vi guiderà nella scelta del Siero Bionico più adatto a lui o a lei .. cogliete l’occasione per far risplendere il San Valentino di chi amate con un dono SPECIALE ..

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Korpo will be present at the 23rd International Congress of Aesthetic & Surgery Medicine SIES

As every year, the Korpo Staff, is proud to announce its presence at one of the most important International events in Europe dedicated to Aesthetic & Surgery Medicine: SIES Congress, coming to its 23° Edition.

3000 Surgery Cases PERFORMED with Elasticum Thread!!! – Congratulations to Dr. Jaesang Barn (Korea)

Korpo Company is glad to congratulate with Jaesang Barn MD (Korea) for the amazing result performed with the Elasticum Thread Medical Device (Korpo Patent): 3000 SURGERY CASES PERFORMED!!!

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3D Elastic Canthopexy – Lateral elastic canthopexy is a new Elastic Plastic Surgery procedure designed by dr. Capurro

Lateral elastic canthopexy is a new Elastic Plastic Surgery procedure designed by dr. Capurro. Elastic Canthopexy enables round eyes to be elongated without operating on the canthus.
As the eyes grow older, they become round. Dr. Capurro designed this procedure because he realized that rejuvenating the eyes was an extremely important part of rejuvenating the patient’s […]