The Medical Video Journal CRPUP.ORG is about to publish a recent technique of mixed peeling of the upper and lower eyelids designed by the Genoese surgeon Sergio Capurro and the Russian surgeon Alexey Gontsov.
Mixed peeling of the eyebrows utilizes a specific current of the Timed apparatus that has a duration of 0.5 hundredths of a second. The current makes the epidermis permeable, preparing it for the subsequent application of a solution of resorcin. While resorcin has absolutely no effect on intact skin, it exerts an efficacious action through the epidermis, once this has been made permeable by the current.
This new 0.5 timedsurgical mixed peeling is extremely efficacious on both the upper and lower eyelids, and can replace blepharoplasty surgery.
In order to rejuvenate the overall appearance of the face, it is important to correct the effects of ageing on the palpebral skin. Indeed, if the skin of the eyelids is aged and thin and presents evident roughness, it can spoil the result of face lifting or of perfectly performed surgical blepharoplasty. To be credible, facial rejuvenation must be complete and must therefore also involve the skin of the eyelids.
The new 0.5 timedsurgical peeling makes the skin thicker and firmer – in short, younger.
Resorcin is known to have the ability to reorganize the connective fibers and to cause the eyelids to retract, thereby reducing or eliminating those unpleasant skin folds and crow’s feet. Strengthening the skin also makes any adipose pouches far less evident. (Preview on CRPUB.ORG)