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Dr. Capurro’s video “Elastic Face and Neck lift and ancillary aesthetic procedures” has just been published in the AE section.
After a brief technical description of the new elastic surgical thread (Elasticum) and the innovative “Jano needle”, both designed by Dr. Capurro, the video uses animation to illustrate the procedures and the results of the following operations on the face and neck: Elastic lifting of the cheeks without dissection, elastic MACS lifting, elastic lifting of the neck, liposuction of a double chin and simultaneous elastic neck lifting, elastic lifting of the neck with safety-pins, elastic rhinoplasty, elastic canthopexy, elastic lifting of the eyebrows and temporal region, elastic lifting of the eyebrows and temporal region and simultaneous Adipofilling, elastic lifting of the upper lip, elastic lifting of marionette wrinkles, and elastic lifting of the upper neck. The procedures that use the elastic threads are completed by means of a few ancillary techniques: Adipolysis, which eliminates small excesses of facial and neck fat and does not require post-operative compression; cellular intradermal Adipofilling, which rejuvenates the skin of the face and neck and eliminates small lip wrinkles; mixed timedsurgical peeling procedures, which eliminate deep lip wrinkles and roughness of the lower eyelids and achieve efficacious, non-ablative, upper blepharoplasty. Elastic Plastic Surgery is a section of the Medical Video Journal open access Crpub.org, which publishes only innovative techniques. Each video contains a section of FAQ and, for those with adequate experience, a POST-PUBLICATION REVIEW, which surgeons are advised to read.


Liposuction of a double chin and simultaneous elastic neck lifting through an 8 mm incision