The video publication Elastic MACS and Neck Lift without dissection of the cheeks and neck, was the most seen in the current year in the MEDICAL VIDEO JOURNAL Open access CRPUB.ORG

MACS e Neck lift

The video illustrates all the phases of this ambulatory procedure, which is carried out under local anaesthesia through a very short incision that surrounds the lower part of the sideburn and stops at the tragus.
In Elastic MACS and Neck Lifting by means of the elastic thread and two-tipped needle, the cheeks and neck are not dissected.
The absence of dissection avoids trophic damage to the tissues of the face and neck.
The procedure is performed when the skin at the sideburns can be pitched between two fingers.
If the skin is not plicable, the volumes of the face are raised through one or two incisions of a few millimeters.
The aim of this procedure is not to make the patient more beautiful, but to rejuvenate the face and neck in a natural way.

MACS and Neck lift result