The open access Medical Video Journal, CRPUB.ORG, has just published the 3-D animation of the new technique “Neck lifting with elastic threads and safety-pins” designed by the plastic and reconstructive surgeon Sergio Capurro. Dr. Capurro has been invited to present the results of this mini-invasive technique – which is performed through just two 8 mm incisions behind the earlobes – at the World Congress of the IMCAS, which will be held in Paris from 1st to 3rd February, 2018. Neck lifting with safety pins, as it is usually called, is particularly suited to the treatment of necks with drooping skin. This ambulatory procedure is performed under local anesthesia, without dissection of the neck tissues. The excess skin is displaced sideways and is used to cover the recreated cervicomandibular angle; in this way, the neck is given a more youthful appearance. Because the skin is not dissected, the integrity of the vascularization of the tissues is maintained; this prevents the atrophy of the skin and subcutaneous tissues that is typical of traditional lifting procedures. The two small incisions remain hidden behind the earlobes. The elastic threads, which are obviously non-absorbable, are transformed within a few weeks into “natural” ligaments, which maintain the result over time. Elastic lifting with safety-pins has been designed in order to prevent the unsightly drooping skin fold of the neck from re-forming. If necessary, the neck can be further improved by means of elastic lifting of the upper and/or lower neck, which is performed through a 3 mm latero-cervical incision. In Dr Capurro’s view, dissecting the tissues of the face and neck is no longer consistent with real rejuvenation of the patient. Dissection can be avoided by means of the elastic thread and two-tipped needle, which enable the esthetic appearance of the face and neck to be restored efficaciously and naturally. Even if the patient has already undergone a traditional lifting procedure, the appearance can be improved without causing further damage to the vascularization of the tissues.

Neck lifting with elastic threads and safety-pins