The living intradermal filler. Today, facial wrinkles and aged skin can be treated by injecting stem cells and adipocytes, both of which are living!

A new and potent anti-aging treatment has been designed by the Genoese plastic surgeon Sergio Capurro.
This treatment has been made possible by the creation an economical disposable device that transforms lipoaspirate into a suspension of single living cells in a few seconds. When injected intradermally, these cells eliminate wrinkles and rejuvenate aged skin.
Adipofilling, as Dr. Capurro’s technique is called, revolutionizes the transfer of adipose tissue. The cell suspension created by the aspiration vortex of a device produced by Korpo readily takes root and exerts a powerful volumetric and regenerative action. The granulometry of the suspension can be regulated in such a way as to obtain small clumps of cells, for volumetric enhancement, or single cells. After low-speed centrifugation, these latter can be injected into the dermis, wrinkles, areas of roughness, and stretch marks.
The suspension used in intradermal Adipofilling can be defined as an economical, efficacious, living “filler”. The cells that are injected into wrinkles and aged skin become incorporated into the dermal tissue, giving it new life.
Adipofilling is different from the recent techniques of fat preparation, which, either deliberately or accidentally, destroy the adipocytes. Indeed, in these techniques, the lipoaspirate is filtered under pressure or shaken with metallic spheres, or aspirated through cannulas that have micropores. By contrast, according to Dr. Capurro, the lipoaspirate must not be damaged by traumatic maneuvers that ruin the cells. Rather, both the adipocytes and stromal cells must be both living and very numerous, in order to exploit the full potential of the adipose tissue. The adipocytes are important because they are able to secrete numerous proteins: adipokines, TNF-α, resistin, IL-6, IL-8, ASP, angiotensinogen, PAI-1, adiponectin, etc. Moreover, the proteins produced by the adipocytes play important regulatory roles in a range of local processes.
With Adipofilling, we can, in a few seconds, obtain the large amount of living cell suspension needed to replenish the volumes of the body and face, including forehead, and to permanently correct the signs that time has left on our skin.