Korpo presents the New Bionic Serums from the KORPOCARE® Product Line
Research Revolutionizing Cosmeceuticals


On the occasion of the SIES congress in Bologna, Korpo will be proud to present the Bionic Serums – Oro&Seta – Mito Gold C – Combi – R, which are the result of years of research by our new KORPOCARE® cosmeceutical department.
KORPOCARE® has designed a unique and innovative line of eco-biocompatible cosmeceutical serums formulated according to an exclusive algorithmic and synergic system with PCT Patented Technology.
The essential dynamic substances used in all the serums of the Korpocare product line are the ionized FIRE Melatonin biomolecule and micronized FIRE Andrographolide.
The Melatonin biomolecule is an indirect antioxidant that is able to eliminate the negative effects of free radicals, reduce oxidative stress and cell apoptosis, strengthen, repair, renew and revitalize the skin, suppress the thickening induced by UV rays, and inhibit the destruction of collagen fibers and elastin.
Andrographolide exerts a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory endothelial effect, and increases the content of elastin and collagen.
Ionized FIRE Melatonin and micronized FIRE Andrographolide act in synergy with each other and with the other substances present in the serums.
KORPOCARE®‘s serums have been developed in order to counteract the damage caused to the skin by glycosylation, by the oxidation generated by free radicals, by shortening of the telomeres and by the skin-darkening effect of exposure to UV rays. The components of these serums are able to regulate cellular mechanisms and repair DNA damage.
The serums of the KORPOCARE® product line contain dynamic substances, namely: Sebacic Acid, homeopathic pure Gold, Vitamins C and B3, Glycolic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, Magnesium Chloride, and Arginine. These are highly biocompatible, totally biodegradable, highly absorbable and completely innocuous; they are sourced from renewable biological materials.

All the Ingredients are Eco-biocompatible with INCI Green
Visible and Unparalleled Results right from the first application

• The beautifying effect is immediate
• The serums combat the signs of aging and the damage caused by
the sun, such as patches and hyperpigmentation
• They help to smooth and brighten the skin
• They contribute to cell renewal
• Proper hydration is re-established
• The face and neck become firmer
• The pores of the skin are refined

We are waiting to accompany you into the Future of Cosmeceuticals

As every year, we will be presenting Timed® – Adipopimer® – Trap® – Elasticum®, the four pillars of our success in the world of plastic surgery and esthetic medicine.