At the 38th SIME Congress held in Rome on 12, 13 and 14 May 2017, the innovative technique of Adipofilling® was presented. This new method of preparing lipo-aspirate was invented by the plastic surgeon Sergio Capurro and his team, and made possible by the Adipopimer®.

The Adipopimer® is a patented, inexpensive, sterile, disposable, rotating medical device. Designed in accordance with the principles of granulometry, the device mechanically fragments lipo-aspirated adipose tissue, transforming it into a suspension of living cells within a few seconds. This suspension can be injected (by means of either a needle or a cannula) superficially, in depth or in the thickness of the dermis.

After fragmentation with the Adipopimer®, the material is centrifuged at 400 RPM; this enables the stromal cells to be extracted from the unused material in 4 minutes, in order to enrich the material that is to be injected.

In 10 years of experimentation in the breast, in the face, in scars and in other areas, this mechanically fragmented lipo-aspirate has proved efficacious as a definitive filler that causes no complications. This new technique revolutionizes traditional lipofilling procedures and the techniques of micro- and nano-fat, constituting an innovative method with world-wide potential.

The paper “Correction of severe bilateral atrophy of the face (Parry-Romberg) by means of Adipofilling®”, which was presented by Dr. Capurro at the SIME Congress (Rome, 2017), is soon to be published in the Medical Video Journal Open Access (, Adipofilling® section.