Practical and Theoretical Intensive Course in Phlebotherapy (TRAP) – Milan 30.11.2019





Varicose disease is the most common disease on earth. The traditional treatment of this disease is mechanistic and utilises aggressive operations which modify the anatomy of the circulation. The courses demonstrate the advantages, in terms of both diagnostic simplicity and results, of a holistic pathophysiological approach combined […]


Venerdì 4 ottobre, ti aspettiamo presso la farmacia Pedrini di Genova, per la quinta giornata KORPOCARE®. Il nostro Team di esperti sarà a tua disposizione per guidarti nella scelta del Siero Bionico KORPOCARE® più adatto a lui o a lei. Approfitta della Promozione 20% OFF e risplendi la tua luce con i Sieri Bionici KORPOCARE®!
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ISAPS News – Periorbital Rejuvenation with Mixed Peeling

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3D Elastic Rhinoplasty – Mini-invasive procedure designed by dr. Capurro performed with Elasticum

In October, elastic rhinoplasty through a 2 mm incision will be published on

This animation shows how elastic rhinoplasty is performed.
This new mini-invasive procedure of Elastic Plastic Surgery has been made possible by the two-tipped needle and elastic surgical thread Elasticum (Korpo Patent), both designed by Dr. Sergio Capurro. Elastic rhinoplasty shortens the nose and reduces […]

Dr. Capurro will present his elastic lifting techniques in the lecture theater dedicated to his mother, Dr. Flora Spolidoro Capurro

Elastic lifting stems from the experience of Dr. Capurro, who, when still only 19 years old, began assisting his mother, the first woman plastic surgeon in Italy, in her lifting procedures. After all these years, Dr. Capurro, who is a surgeon and patent-holder, has turned these operations into mini-invasive procedures, thereby destroying the myth of […]

TRAP COURSE (Genoa – Saturday 5 October): open registration.

Saturday 5 October 2019 (Genoa ⋅ Grand Hotel Savoia)
To learn:
Varicose disease is the most common disease in the world.
The traditional treatment of this disease is mechanistic and uses aggressive interventions that modify the anatomy of the circle.
Our courses show the advantages of a holistic physiopathology combined with a […]

Korpo will be present at the 21st International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine Agorà

As every year, the Korpo Staff, is proud to announce its presence at one of the most important European events in the field of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging; now established as one of the most important in the European scene, Agorà 2019 has reached the 21° Edition, the growth of the sector is of great […]

CRPUB Newsletter Innovations in Plastic Aesthetic Surgery, Dermatology and Phlebology

Innovations in the fields of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, Dermatology, and Phlebology

New Video Publications

09. Rejuvenating the hands: Phlebotherapy and Adipofilling with “feeding”
The hands can be rejuvenated by reducing the caliber of the veins and performing Adipofilling in order to restore the volume of the subcutaneous tissues. The aspiration vortex created by the Adipopimer fragments the […]

ISAPS News Mastopexy

ISAPS News Adipofilling