Adipolysis reduces small volumetric excesses of the face and body

Adipolysis, a new aesthetic timedsurgical method, eliminates the malar pouches, the excesses of the cheeks, and it reduces also nasolabial folds and double chin, without scars or visible signs. The Adipolysis is also used in the body.
Adipolysis is a percutaneous esthetic technique; unlike surgery, it does not require skin incision or a sterile field and […]

Elastic lifting of the lower neck

A new Elastic Plastic Surgery procedure regarding the cervical region has recently been published in the CRPUB Medical Video Journal: elastic lifting of the lower neck.
Elastic Plastic Surgery has modified the consolidated neck lifting procedures: no dissection, no incision of the platysma, no removal of skin, no incision under the chin – just simple repositioning […]